Annual Events

Introductory Lecture:

At the beginning of the school year, we introduce the field of wilderness medicine to the new class of MS1’s. Dr. Katzer has lectured during the past two years event’s on topics including: Introduction to Wilderness Medicine and Envenomations. We feel this a great opportunity to showcase Wilderness Medicine to the underclassmen.

Camping Trip:

In October and November of the past two years, we have planned a camping trip to Casper’s park in San Juan Capistrano. The goal of the camping trip is plan hands-on activties for the medical students. The trip consists of overnight camping and then a day of scenarios that will test the knowledge of the medical students. The scenarios range from taking care of trauma to dehydration and heat stroke.


Lifeguards Workshop:

The lifeguard event was hosted last year by Newport Beach Lifeguards in association with paramedics, firemen, and others to teach medical students about pre-hospital care emerging from a beach setting. The course consisted of one hour of didactic teaching followed by one hour of hands-on activites working as a team to rescue someone with a C-spine injury from the surf.


Med Wars Race Event:

In May of the past two years, Dr. Katzer along with the San Onofre Navy Medicine residency program have put together a Wilderness Medicine race that pairs groups of medical responders together to complete challenges such as rescuing someone from high-altitude, trauma in the wild, envemonations by snakes, etc. The teams consist of attending physicians, resident physicians, medical students, nurses, and other medical personnel. It is a day long event that usually takes place in San Onofre State Park.

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